Kirra Muggeridge

2019 Northern Territory Titans Rugby League Representative


Aunty Pamela Mam Chrysalis Award Recipient

Kirra has the lived experience of working towards reward, having a mentor and how it can change your life.


For the past four years Kirra has worked with young children and seen the need for all children to have that same opportunity.

As a young Aboriginal woman she is on a mission to empower, improve the overall health, education and emotional well being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

She is passionate about breaking the cycle through mentoring and empowering our future leaders through   the Deadly Guardians, boosting self-esteem and confidence.


Tracey             Thompson

Former Australian Rugby League Representative
16 Test Matches for Australia
2 Rugby League World Cups
Former QLD Rugby League Representative
Former Inaugural Indigenous All Stars Captain and Representative
"I believe if we can empower young people and build up their confidence and self-esteem that it has the power to transform them into becoming strong leaders able to achieve anything they want in life."

We are three strong Aboriginal women who are seeking to take a new pathway in facilitating Indigenous people to create change for themselves.​


Our Mission

To reach out to elite sports people, singers and celebrities throughout the world and have them volunteer to become mentors, Deadly Guardians, to 1000’s of children every day at school, as an online avatar.


To empower children, through support of their Deadly Guardian, to become emotionally resilient so that suicide does not become an option in their life.

The Vision

Youth suicide can be the culmination of one or many things, that leads a child to take their life.

An Indigenous Children's Helpline

With the development of an Indigenous children’s help line, that will take into account all the various Aboriginal cultures and Lores from around Australia and the Torres Strait, we will create a means for children to reach out through their online mentor or Deadly Guardian without, fear of retribution nor shame.

Elders and leaders will determine the challenges and the solutions for their people in their clan or community.

Our initiatives have been developed to be co-designed by each community or clan allowing ownership and direction by the community or clan Elders and leaders themselves.


Our Supporters

Our Deadly Guardians